Meet our Dog Carers

We have all kinds of dog carers on our register; retirees, families, single people, young and old - all having one thing in common, they are dedicated to caring for dogs. When we receive an application, they first have to fit our basic criteria: they should not be away from their home for more than 3 hours at any one time, they should have a secure garden, they should not have any dogs or cats of their own, and they should not have any pre-school children. If they fit our criteria then we arrange to interview them for suitability to our service. Only once they have passed an interview and their homes have been checked, do they come onto our register.

Your dog could not be in better hands!

Our register of carefully selected dog carers will look after your dog, as you would, in their home. Our carers do not have pets of their own and your dog will be the only dog in the house. We believe a 'visiting' dog staying in a home with a resident dog may create unacceptable stress and the potential for conflict. Your pet is used to having one-to-one attention at your home and we believe we should provide the same undivided attention in our carer's homes. We are happy to accept multiple dog families as long as all the dogs live happily together.

We differ from many agencies because once we have selected a carer for you; we invite you to meet them prior to going away. If you are not happy once you have met them for whatever reason, we will introduce you to a different carer, or your deposit will be refunded in full - guaranteed.

Our carer's provide the following:

  • Your dog's walking, feeding and sleeping patterns etc. will be maintained.
  • Your dog will not be with pre-school children or other cats or dogs.
  • Your dog will have access to a garden, be kept on a lead for walks, and wear one of our tags.
  • Any special requests or medications will have been discussed with your carer beforehand – we ask that you discuss these again upon meeting your carer.
  • Our carers have emergency support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering you complete peace of mind knowing you are leaving your pet with the leading agency in the UK.
  • Dogs will be covered by our third party liability insurance. We recommend that you take out your own pet insurance to cover illness or injury as vet bills will be re-claimed when you return from your holiday.


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