Who is caring for your pet while you are away?

No one likes to leave there beloved dog behind when travelling around but it is often unavoidable and must be done. Whether you’re planning a short break away or a long trip abroad deciding where and who your pet is staying with can be a very stressful experience and having the added worry of someone being in your home while you’re not there is only going to elevate those stress level while your away.

Getting someone that you may know quite well or maybe not even that well to look after your pet while you’re away may seem like a viable idea, yes your dog will be in its own home and yes you may as mentioned actually know the person that is going to be sitting for you.

This is all good and well but firstly, have you ever thought that you’re on holiday, doesn’t your pet deserve one as well. With home from home dog boarding you can let your pet stay with one of our loving carers which you can meet well in advance to your departure to ensure you are happy with them (you never know you might even make a new friend).

The carer that your dog is left will give all their time and attention to your pet during their stay, something not guaranteed from a house sitter who may have other conflicts of interest while ‘on the job’ and might unintentionally neglect the pet in the process. As well as the for mentioned point all of the carers we provide are fully covered by insurance and have access to 24 hour support 365 days a year, providing excellent peace of mind for your pets safety while your away, another thing a typical house sitter will not be covered for – what would they do is there was a medical emergency while your away, would they even know what to do and would they be covered?

Give your dog the treatment it deserves and rule out any circumstances that could bring both of you any bother or trouble and put your mind at ease by choosing Home from Home Dog Boarding to cater and care for your pet, allowing you to sleep easy with the knowledge your pet is being looked after with experience and affection.

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