Time to get a new dog?

Battersea Dogs and Cats home have recently reported a huge increase in people choosing to adopt since more and more people are finding themselves at home. In March, it was reported a total of 86 dogs were adopted. That's more than double this time last year.

Here are some of the key reasons we believe are a contributing factor: -


With the advent of people staying at home for long periods, more time can be spent with their new dog to help it settle in, However, it's very important not to think of the dog as 'just for lockdown' - all animals must be for life, not just whilst covid 19 is around.


Improving your health

Studies have shown that having a dog can also lengthen your life, whilst improving your overall health and happiness. They can help reduce stress and help people suffering from depression. Dogs are great company and can reduce loneliness in people living alone at this critical time.

Stroking your dog can reduce your blood pressure, playing with them can increase your serotonin and dopamine levels making your feel calmer and more relaxed.


Children can benefit too

Children are undoubtedly finding staying at home tough; a dog can teach them valuable life skills such as the importance of maintaining responsibilities. Rehoming a dog can also encourage empathy by making them think about how they have helped to give an unwanted dog a second chance to live with a family. Dogs can help children with separation anxiety and also provide them with security. As well as all this, they can be a loving playmate and companion during these tough times.


Many of the dogs are already house-trained

Many of the dogs in shelters have already been house-trained buy their previous owners; something that will save a great deal of time and effort when training your new dog.


Saving money in the process

Shelters will microchip and vaccinate dogs that come into their care. This saves you money because you don't have to pay for the procedures yourself and it also ensures that the dog you are taking home is healthy. Prices for adopting a dog from a shelter are cheaper than the rates a breeder would charge.


Adopting dogs supports spaying and neutering

Adopting a dog from a shelter ensures that your new pet has been spayed or neutered where possible. This is another key benefit of dog adoption.


Older dogs can prove to be the best companions

If the dog has been trained properly in their previous home, they will be less likely to damage flooring and furniture in your home. Consequently, they will require less supervision. Older dogs are often calmer and quite happy to sit quietly in your company rather than demanding constant attention. Adopted older dogs usually have more developed personalities than a puppy.


Finally, walking your dog gives you that all-important fresh air.

Walking your dog is still allowed and classed as part of your daily exercise. This is a great way to get out and about but you must keep your dog on a lead and please ask people not to pet your dog to ensure you stay at least two metres apart from other people at all times.

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