The importance of controlling your dog in public places

Did you know? If your dog is out of control in either a public place, private residence or even in your own home you are breaking the law.

A dangerous dog isn't just one that injures someone; it can be classed as dangerous if it makes somebody worried that it might injure them, or if it attacks another animal.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

In some public areas of the British Isles, Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are enforced.

  • You must keep you dog on a lead.
  • Clear up after your dog.
  • Try to keep your dog from going to certain areas - such as farmland.


There are various fines relating to dangerous dogs.

You could get an unlimited fine or be sent to prison for up to six months (or both) if your dog is out of control and classed as dangerous. Your dog could be destroyed and you may not be able to keep a dog in the future.

If your dog injures a person you could be sent to prison for up to five years or fined (or both). If you use your dog to injure someone you could be charged with 'malicious wounding'.

If you allow your dog to kill someone you may be sent to prison for up to fourteen years or get an unlimited fine (or both).

If you dog insures an assistance bog (i.e. a guide dog) you could be sent to prison for up to three years or fined (or both).

Also, if you don't clean up after your dog you could be in for a fine. Fines range from £50 and can be as much as £80. If you don't pay the fine you could be taken to court and pay up to £1000.

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