Pet Insurance - Do you have it?

Pet insurance is something you get to help you protect yourself from unexpected costs that you could face being the owner of a pet. Veterinary bills would probably be the most obvious reason for the insurance but it can seem like an unnecessary expense sometimes.

So how much is it going to cost you and what can your insurance cover?

Is it worth it?

The average claim for pet insurance is around £700, but they can go up to the thousands if your pet develops any ongoing conditions.

Pet insurance is always worth it, but if you are still unsure, consider how you would go about dealing with an unexpected illness or injury what could come with a costly bill.

You will need to balance this with the probability of making a claim and the cost of your premiums. For example if you have an older pet they will often cost more to insure but they will be more likely to require medical attention.

With that in mind, you will definitely need to think about pet insurance; however there are a few different types.

What will pet insurance cover?

Just like other forms of insurance, pet insurance policies can differ to others.

Because of this, it is very important to choose the right cover for your pet. So do some research and always read the small print, some policies might not cover you from the day you take out the policy and it can be up to 14 day before you’re actually covered.

Along with covering your vet bills, items that can also be included in your policies are:

  • Loss and theft - make sure to get cover for the purchase cost of your pet though as some insurers may just pay the market value. Some insurers may also put money towards the cost of advertising for your lost pet or the cost of replacing them if they are unfortunately not found.
  • Behavioural problems – These should be covered is a good policy and should be a cover of £500 or more. The treatment will more than likely have to be carried out by a professional.
  • Death – By either injury or death, this part of your policy should cover your pets purchase price. A qualified vet may be required to certify the cause of death and age limits usually apply to cover for death by illness. A good policy should also include cover for euthanasia if your pet is in need of being put to sleep.
  • Liability cover – This is only available for dogs and will cover the cost of anything you are responsible for paying for by law, such as medical bills for injury to a person or for paying or damage done that involved your pet. The cover is generally for £1million or more, but only the costs that have been agreed upon with your insurer will be covered.
  • Kennel fees for medical circumstances – Cover will need to be for £500 or more is you need to go in to hospital for more than 4 days and your pet requires a stay in a kennel.
  • Emergency treatment when travelling abroad – Cover will need to be for £1,500 or more to cover for any treatment that your pet will need when travelling.

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