New Micro chipping law for dogs

Across the UK as of April the 6th 2016 there will be a new law being enforced making microchipping your canine compulsory.

If you haven’t lived in Northern Ireland since 2012, where it is already a legal requirement then you are probably unfamiliar with what to expect and what impact these changes will have on you as a dog owner.

Below I have highlighted and answered some of the more concerning issues to put your minds at ease.

What effect if any will this have on my pet?

Of course your first concern is going to be the welfare of your beloved pet and this comes as no surprise. You needn’t worry though, the microchips themselves are only as big as a grain of rice and getting microchipped is a very similar process to your dog getting an injection. If you did have concerns about your breed being particularly small you can choose to have a mini microchip which is often used for animals like birds and rabbits. The chips have a unique 15-digit code and are inserted under the loose skin at the back of the neck.

Note: A tagged collar with the owners name and contact details is still required for your pet when out in public.

How do I go about getting my dog microchipped and how often should I?

You can get your dog seen to by any vet and they will normally charge you around £20 – £30, some may also do it for you for free. Alternatively you can also check this calendar of free chipping events from to see if there are any free microchipping events near you.

Once chipped your canine will be with their chip for the rest of their life, the only thing you need to do is get in touch with your database if you change any of your details (failing to do so can result in a £500 fine).

What happens if my dog is not microchipped by the 6th of April?

If your dog isn’t chipped by the time it is 8 week old this will mean that you are in fact breaking the law. If discovered that you do not have your pet chipped you will be given notice to comply with the law within 21 days otherwise facing a fine of up to £500.


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