Keep your dog safe while in the dark

With the clocks having gone back, it’s now dark before many of us get home from work. This means a lot of dog owners across the UK will be walking their pets in the dark. With minimised visibility there are many ways of making your dog walk in the dark a lot more worry-free.

Here at Home From Home one of our strictly followed rules is that while your dog is in the care of one of our dog carers your dog will be kept on the lead at all times while out for a walk.

However we think this is a great idea when out walking your dog in the dark mornings or evenings of winter if you’re worried about not being able to see them in the distance. On very cold days remember to wrap up your dog especially if they have short or thin coats.

There are also some very good items on the market that are able to improve the visibility to your dog when out in the dark. Things like high visibility jackets, reflective and flashing collars and carrying a torch can make your walk anxiety free even when your dog is off the lead.

Stick to routes you and your dog are already familiar with especially if they are well lit as this will help both of you feel comfortable. Avoid routes that aren’t lit and roads that have no pavements.

If walking your dog at night is new to you and you’re a little nervous about the prospect, why not take someone along with you or go dog walking with others in your area.

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