International Adoption

There has been a rise in the popularity in the UK for rescue charities to import street dogs from outside the UK from places like Spain and Bulgaria. However, there are mixed views from the dog-owner communities as to whether it is actually a good thing to bring in dogs from other countries. We discuss the pros and the cons of importing and adopting these dogs to the UK.

Con: We already have a huge number of dogs needing adoption in the UK.

Firstly, there is a big argument that the UK doesn’t need any more dogs that need homes finding for them. In the UK we have more than enough dogs looking for forever homes. Taking in the dogs from other countries diminishes the limited spaces we have for the dogs needing homes in the UK. Institutions like the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are already fully stretched for space as it is.

Pro: Raising awareness of animal cruelty in countries where the welfare rules are not so strict as ours is beneficial.

Now of course a benefit of this regardless is bringing awareness of the troubles of these dogs and how they are suffering. Being conscious of the welfare issues of animals outside of the UK is an important thing to be aware of and can even help to add pressure to foreign governments to clamp down on animal cruelty in their countries.

Pro: Helping dogs in need is beneficial regardless of where they are from.

In certain areas of Europe, dogs are subjected to terrible lives by the hands of abusers and careless individuals to a point that would make anyone with an ounce of compassion be moved and appalled. Some people would argue that not all of the street dogs have it that bad and “rescuing” them is counterproductive. A lot of the dogs captured are taken from their natural living environment where they have a rich social life with the other dogs just to be exported to live as pets in a relatively alien and more isolated situation to what they are accustomed to.

Con: The process of adopting a dog from abroad is much more difficult and you may not get to meet the dog before taking them in.

The process for adopting a dog from abroad is also much more difficult than that of adopting from the UK. If the dog isn’t already in a foster home in the UK you may not be able to meet with it beforehand making it even harder to judge the behaviour and attitude of the dog before adopting. It is almost impossible to know how well the dog will fit in to your family and living situation.

In conclusion, no matter how you choose to rescue a dog from a bad life, it is a stand against cruelty to animals at the end of the day and seeing charities work vigorously on behalf of these animals in other countries proves there is compassion out there for them.

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