Celebs with rescue dogs

It’s not unusual to see celebs walking with their dogs when out and about on the streets but did you realise that a lot of those celebrities are enthusiastic and passionate adopters of rescue animals. Here is a round-up of celebs that went for the rescue and adoption option over the buying one.

Graham Norton
Owner of two dogs Bailey, the labradoodle, and Madge, the terrier. Frequently promoting dogs in need of a home on his TV show, Graham Norton clearly practices what he preaches, adopting both of his canine companions from rescue shelters.

Paul O’Grady
Paul is known for being a big old softie when it comes to his dogs, and little Eddie is no exception. Part Jack Russell, part Chihuahua, Eddie was rescued from Battersea dogs’ home, where he was the runt of a lovely litter of pups.

Lily Allen
Urging others to do the same, Lily adopted Mabel (originally named Honey) from Battersea Dogs home in 2008. It hasn’t been a completely smooth time for Mabel, having been the victim of two dog attacks, but at least she has a protective celebrity by her side.

Boris Johnson
Dilyn is a dog which lives with Carrie Symonds and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street. It is a white, male Jack Russell cross and was born in 2018. The dog was rescued as a puppy from a breeder in South Wales by Friends of Animals Wales because it had a misaligned jaw and was going to be put down.

Meghan Markle
Meghan adopted beagle pup Guy back in 2015 who was on death row at a high-kill Kentucky shelter. Everything seemed hopeless and so far no adoption prospects were working out. Until little known actress named Meghan Markle adopted Guy after meeting him at an adoption event at a pet store in Ontario, Canada.

Rachel Bilson
Rachel is well known for her multiple adoptions over the years, including her puppy Penny whom she originally got with her then partner Adam Brody and her latest one Thurman Murman.

Zooey Deschanel
It was love at first sight for Dot and Zooey. Zooey would then go on to realise that Dot had a sister Zelda and instantly made the decision to not separate them and to adopt her as well.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan was on the quest for an animal friend when he fell in love with his new puppy Baxter. They fell in love after meeting each other and exchanging a few words and have been best friends since.

Kristen Bell
Kirsten has made it clear she loves sloths but she has a soft spot for dogs as well. She adopted both of her dogs Lola and Mr Shakes who she managed to save from euthanisation.

Bradley Cooper
Bradley saw his first adoptee Samson on a kill-shelter site and knew he had to rescue him. His second came when he fell in love with Charlotte at an adoption drive and considers his dogs to be his kids.

Miranda Lambert
Mirandas wins the number contest with her 6 rescue dogs. The first three were rescued from a shelter and the others where acquired from various other places.

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley seems to have a thing for Pit Bulls and has recused three in total (so far), Norman, Ruby and Shirley with Ruby being the latest.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer most recent adoption was a Pit Bull called Sophie whom she got together with her partner and has also rescued Dolly a German Shepard and a Welsh corgi-terrier named Norman. Sadly, Norman did pass away in 2011 but still lives on in the tattoo of his name that Jennifer got in his honour.

George Clooney

A very well-known movie star, George went to the rescue of his now dog Einstein when he stumbled on him while browsing online. He liked him so much he just rang them up and said ‘I like Einstein!’ and that was that.


This could have been a very long list, there’s a lot of other celebrities out there and their not just adopting/rescuing dogs but also doing things to help the shelters survive, improve and generally provide a service to help animals.

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