Best Dog Food Option - Dry vs Wet

So, you need to decide on the best option for pet food for your dog. Which one do you go for - Wet or Dry?

Wet Foods...

In terms of ‘wet’ pet food not all dogs drink as much water as they should. With regards to this, wet foods can be a reliable source of hydration particularly if you think your dog is not drinking enough water.

There are other advantages in using wet food; your pet can enjoy a larger portion of food without adding too much in the calorie stakes, older dogs that may have lost some of their senses may be more inclined to consume foods that are richer in flavour and aroma - such as wet foods.

Wet food is a great alternative to dry if your dog is feeling under the weather. Wet food has a very strong smell and would be more tempting for a sick dog than dry food. Wet foods are a great option for dogs with poorly aligned jaws, smaller mouths and missing teeth.

On the downside, some dogs can be messy eaters and wet food could prove to be an issue. Always remember that once wet food is opened it has lost any of the shelf life it had. It must be covered and kept in a refrigerated to ensure it does not spoil. Our advice in this area is to always choose the best quality you can afford.

Dry Foods...

In terms of convenience, dry foods win every day of the week. It is easy to store,and the food can be left out in the bowl for your dog to eat without the fear of spoilage. Many dog owners really like the convenience of filling the bowl with enough food to feed their dog for the entire day and leaving it.

Although there is a school of thought that says a dog should be feed twice a day, morning and evening, and once the dog has eaten enough the bowl should be taken away. On the other hand,if necessary dry food can be left out for extended periods of time without spoiling.

Dry foods are easier to store – a clever idea is a large plastic bin with an air tight lid to keep the food fresh and free of insects. Dry food can be more cost-effective when feeding multiple dogs. Dry food can be used as a treat and a dental health supplement. Some dry foods are specially formulated and shaped to clean the teeth. They can also come in many different shapes and sizes, making it easier to find the best dry food to suit your dog.

Of course, dry foods do not provide as much moisture as wet foods. This is something that becomes more important as an animal ages, when an animal is ill, or in dry, hot climates. In those cases, a wet food diet can prove to be more practical. Dry food also tends to have lower levels of animal based proteins, which are very important for your dog’s development.

Time to decide...

Either of these choices should satisfy your dog’s nutritional requirements if they are well balanced and are made with quality ingredients. It’s just a matter of which one will be best for your dog over the long term and which one fits your lifestyle. Another option is to mix them together in the same bowl, or giving the wet food as an occasional “treat”.


If you have any doubts, the best place to seek advice is your vet who will have plenty of options available and may have samples you can try before you commit. They will also have specialist diets if your dog has specific medical needs.

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