Be safe and keep your dog on a lead during lambing season

Now summers here and the fields are full of pregnant ewes and newborn lambs.

Each year reports that thousands of farm animals are either killed or injured by pet dogs. With this in mind, we decided to put together some useful tips, not only for dog owners but also for farmers.

Tips for Farmers:

  • Make sure all fencing is in good condition, this will ensure that your livestock does not wander outside their designated areas.
  • Put up notices to educate and inform dog owners of the seriousness that uncontrolled dogs can have on your grazing livestock.
  • Reporting an incident to the police is very important. Lack of reporting (however minor) makes it difficult to show the true scale of the problem.

Tips for Dog owners:

  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times, especially when near farm animals.
  • When walking your dog in the countryside, near or on farm land keep a lookout for signs and notices informing you of the rules to be observed regarding livestock.
  • Please report to the farmer any misbehaviour of your dog near farm animals, even if there is no injury as the stress on the animals may cause pregnant ewes to miscarry or even die in extreme cases.

Home from Homes company policy is to always have dogs on leads at all times for the dog and other animals welfare.

Home from Home are a home counties dog boarding agency. For further information please call 01932 568584 or email

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