A new Animal Activities Licence and its regulations

From the 1st of October 2018, there were new regulations put into place about the new AAL (Animal activities licensing). Any business in England that are involved in trading living animals, boarding cats or dogs at any time will need a licence which is under the new regulations. Existing licences will be valid until they run out. Things like dog walking, pet grooming and pet sitting are not covered by the new regulations.

We are proud to say that Home from Home has been awarded a 5-star license of the new AAL (Animal activities licensing? with lasts for 3 years. This just shows our continued commitment to providing the best possible care for your dog while they are in our care.

Why is there a need for new regulations?

The old laws which cover a wide range of animal-related things have been in places for years and years. Within this time there have been drastic changes in pet owners’ attitude and ways of living. You should familiarise yourself with the new regulations. Members of PIF should apply to their local authority and ask for an application form if they are going to be captured by the new regime for the first time.

If you would like to view the new full regulations, they are available to view online at https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2018/9780111165485

Also, below is the guidance for each activity. Some changes have been included in the guidance. DEFRA has also given guidance on home boarding places and the way they are going to be inspected under the new AAL regulations. The guidance can be seen below:

What is included in the new regulations?

AAL new regulations provide one generic licence for commercial pet businesses; no matter how many licensable activities they are doing. Although there will be criteria for the activities, giving them minimum standards, they still have to meet them to get their licence. Regulations will be supported by a statutory guidance document. This will provide an explanation to the business and local authority on how they can meet the regulations.

Risk-Rating System

A star rating system will be put into place for businesses, and local authorities will decide the businesses star rating depending on welfare standards when they undergo inspection. Also, whether the business is seen as low or high risk. If businesses are considered low risk and are meeting higher welfare, will access the highest star ratings. This could lead to “light touch” licensing and also lower fees. On top of that, the new legislation will also provide the requirement for trained inspectors and the requirement for the training of licence holders and their staff.

"Congratulations to Home from Home Boarding Agency Ltd whom achieved the maximum 5 star rating with their Animal Activities Licence (for arranging home boarding) recognising their commitment to animal welfare. Runnymede Borough Council - May 2019"

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